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Vril Science's Lakhovsky MWO


Early video of Eric Dollard assembling the first production prototype military-style pulse modulator for the MWO system and testing it. Audio starts at 53 seconds.

Introductory video reviewing the basic concepts of the Lakhovsky Multwave Oscillator. This is a walk through of the system and how it works. Coming soon…

Learn how the Lakohvsky Multiwave Oscillator is distinctly different from a Tesla balanced arrangement and why.

Two people in 10 minutes can setup the entire MWO system. Watch this video to see how simple it truly is.

Here is how to run the MWO on a battery for off the grid situations, semi-portable options or if you are overseas with 220v and 50hz.

This has a lot of the same info in the video comparing the Tesla Balanced & Lakhovsky Unbalanced methods. From 2019 ESTC with other details.




George (Georges) Lakhovsky was a scientist in the early 1900’s who discovered a connection between poor health and low soil conductivity. There is a voltage between the ionosphere and the Earth of a few hundred thousand volts. That can be a few hundred volts per meter up to 10,000 volts per meter in a thunderstorm for example. In order for the positive electrostatic potential of the ionosphere to properly ground to the Earth, the ground has to be conductive enough.

All living things grow and thrive inside of this electrical field but in the modern age of rubber sole shoes, the concrete jungle, chronic inside living, etc. we are not properly grounded and are not thriving as we should.

Some of the early tests Lakhovsky did were with plants that had undesirable growths on them from various ailments. He cut some copper rings and placed them around the plant’s base and in a few months, the growths fell off and the plants normalized.

There are a lot of frequencies that are naturally occurring around us all the time. Whatever frequency has a wavelength that is the same as the copper ring’s length or a fraction of the wavelength, that ring will resonate/vibrate at that frequency and the plant will benefit from this.

Later on, he advanced on this concept to create a machine that is beyond profound in terms of the implications of what it can deliver.

If we are able to have a machine that can give a high voltage electrostatic output have this travel through a subject to ground, then we can replicate not only a healthy ionosphere to ground electrical environment, we can take it many levels above for more than optimum results.


George Lakhovsky started to develop a system that had Tesla-like properties. It had high voltage step up coils that were pulsed by a high voltage transformer that charged up caps and these were discharged over a spark gap to create rapid bursts of radio frequencies.

These impulses were sent to the concentric ring antennas, which are not electrically connected to each other. They are only capacitively coupled and they are not shorted rings, they have gaps. Remember the concept of the ring around the plant, each length of copper has it’s own resonant frequency based on wavelengths or fractional wavelengths.

To the left, you can see an old picture of really skinny rings – an early prototype to prove the concept.

As the high frequency, high voltage impulses are sent to the rings, there is a wide range of frequencies that are broadcast in addition to the primary frequency that the unit is tuned for, which is between 700Khz and 1Mhz – mostly in the AM radio band.

Any subject in between the antennas is receiving direct life force energy right out of the Aether, which is polarized and oscillated back and forth between the antennas. We’ll show a white board walk through to show you how this works. But for now, suffice to say, it is invigorating and restorative at levels that are rarely seen with any other method. That is why the Lakhovsky MWO, built right, is one of the most coveted machines in the world and has been for nearly a century.


George Lakhovsky did indeed patent his invention but it was very early before he evolved it to its ultimate evolution. Also, every great inventor keeps a bit of the know-how to themselves for proprietary reasons. Many people over the years have attempted to recreate the Lakhovsky MWO, but they all failed in nailing it because most are trying to replicate his patent diagram.

This is not to say there is no benefit because there is to some degree. However, it wasn’t until about 2008 or so that Lakhovsky’s crowning achievement was discovered. We’ll get to that shortly.


Bob Beck, a prolific researcher in the alternative energy and healing sciences is someone who got the conversation going about Lakhovsky’s MWO when hardly anyone even knew about it. One thing led to another and even George Van Tassel who created the Integratron based his building and it’s electrical operation on Lakhovsky’s MWO research. Bob Beck new some who were involved with Borderland Sciences Research Foundation who had members such as Peter Lindemann and others and articles, books and devices were made and sold based on information available at the time. Eric Dollard was the last engineer tasked with carrying out George Van Tassel’s plans with the Integratron.

Around 2008 in Europe, a few engineers were connected to someone that some original Lakhovsky MWO machines crated up. These were the final evolution machines that Lakhovsky used that achieved the legendary results so the secret was about to be known. It was reverse engineered and the first person to build these units and make them available to the public was from Croatia – someone that was a master engineer and craftsman. They’re built correct, but are very large and bulky because they replicate the early 1900’s MWOs and are very expensive. A friend in Seattle bought one and by the time he received it, the cost was around $25,000.00 USD. If you want something that looks like it should be in a museum, that is the one to get.

Shortly after, someone in the Northern mid-west started to manufacture these systems based on the same information. The builder makes possibly one machine per month and they’re nearly $5000.00 USD. But they’re in a wooden box, some of the parts on the coils are 3D printed, etc. The coils and antennas are on a stand in a way that they’re very top heavy and are about to fall over. The high frequency line filter inside of the pulse modulator was hooked up incorrectly and every time it was turned on, the wireless phones, routers and other electronics in the house went haywire. We know this to be true because it was Peter Lindemann who has had this machine for several years and these problems were persistent until he rewired it himself in order to correct the problem by putting the line filter where it was supposed to go. Even with the line filter, this kind of machine has no business being in a wooden box if it is for sale to the public. If you’re making one yourself for personal use, that’s one thing, but selling these to others is a whole other issue.

Peter had been using this machine for quite a while, had it over at Paul Babcock’s shop so others could try it and Paul committed to making his own so he could experience and study it long term. Paul used it for one to one and a half years and gathered a massive amount of information and data on it, how it performed and what it did for him, which he spelled out in his presentation called The Universal Medium.

Paul’s home-brew MWO built to the real Lakhovsky specs is in the picture to the left. Eric Dollard and Paul Babcock are talking shop.

We were so astonished at how well it worked and what it did for Paul, his friends and family that we committed to making it as easy as possible for people to put these machines in their hands, which had never been done in history at any significant level and that is how we got started. Paul’s build and the real specs on Lakhovsky’s MWO were the basis for a project that continues to this day.

MWO Test

MWO Test

Once we had a chance to orient ourselves to all of the information, Eric Dollard, the modern day Tesla, engineered the production model prototype that all production models are based on. Most of the machining and fabrication was done by Jeff Moe. You can see this in the video at the top of this page where Eric is assembling the Pulse Modulator in fast forward speed. That was a video that was released when extra funds were needed for development and we had no choice but to sell the original unit. We offer the video for posterity sake.


If you want a unit that is designed in the spirit of a military-style pulse modulator by Eric Dollard, the world’s leading authority on Tesla technology, with all proper shielding and grounding practices incorporated in a compact unit that is not only sleek and simple for a very reasonable price with craftsmanship that is top-notch, then you’ve come to the right place.


Pulse Modulator designed by Eric Dollard

Pulse Modulator designed by Eric Dollard

The Pulse Modulator is at the heart of the Lakhovsky Multiwave Oscillator (MWO). Wall power goes through some filters into a variable AC transformer. This feeds regulated voltage into a high voltage transformer, which has an output going through some filter chokes that prevent RF noise from feeding backwards into the transformer to prevent it from burning out. The chokes feed a spark gap and capacitor array, which then delivers this output to the coils.

Eric Dollard designed the layout of the inside of the pulse modulator. Because of Eric’s extensive mastery of high voltage and high frequency devices, our pulse modulator is unique in that the low voltage and high voltage section inside are separated and shielded from each other. It is already known that this is a standard practice, but there are no other MWOs that are made with this feature. This is a feature that no other MWO incorporates.

The reason this is an important feature is that any of the high voltage high frequency section components, spark gap emissions, etc. can easily induce noise into the low voltage components. Every low voltage component wire is an antenna that can pick up the high frequency emissions. Preventing or reducing this to a bare minimum extends low voltage component life, reduces noise that can feed back into the wall outlet and overall shielding with the case in general prevents or eliminates any rf noise emissions to the environment.

The spark gap is also adjustable, which varies the spark gap frequency and current impulse power.


Eric Dollard testing MWO with Capacitor Rings

Eric Dollard testing MWO with Capacitor Rings

The Pulse Modulator is not limited to its use for the Lakhovsky Multiwave Oscillator (MWO). As you can see in the video at the top of this page comparing the balanced Tesla method and the unbalanced Lakhovsky method, they both use the same pulse modulator. We will be offering the balanced coil arrangement at a later time so that you can conduct Tesla experiments with the same pulse modulator. This is for high voltage output demonstrations, replicating Eric Dollard’s Cosmic Induction Generator technology and other related systems.


MWO Coil Assembly

MWO Coil Assembly

The coils are designed with effective dielectric materials (insulators) to lock in the high voltage into the coil assembly so that the maximum amount of voltage can be directed to the antennas. Whatever loss or leakage happens at the coil assembly represents a loss that will not make it to the antennas.

The plastic materials are selected so they also do not heat up with the high frequency, high voltage pulsing fields.

The coil windings are also coated with 10 coatings of Super Corona Dope, which is the best wire coating available in the industry that prevents corona loss and leakage and keeps the wires in good shape for many years.

The output voltage of these coils is 250,000 to 300,000 volts at maximum, but normally the unit does not need to be pushed this much. Most users prefer the Variac Intensity setting to be around 50% with a spark gap setting at 50%.


MWO Antenna

MWO Antenna

There is an art and science to properly crafting the antenna, which are the most difficult part to make for the MWO system. Classically, the antennas are tied together with string/twine. Some of the thought is that it has the least interference to the frequencies pulsing at the antennas. The antenna are a bit clumsy when wired together with string, are easy to become damaged during shipment, they wobble quite a bit when/if bumped and if the antenna/stand structure fall over, there is great risk to damage the strings and they will have to be restrung.

We are using ozone resistant plastic strips to hold the antennas together. They are stronger, more rugged, keep the antenna intact during shipping and there are other obvious benefits. On an engineering level, we determined with Eric Dollard that as long as the total width of the strips at every 90 degrees is less than 1% of the total circumference of the antenna, it offers no significant change to the resonant frequency of the MWO.

The antenna are made of polished copper and are covered with a clear powder coating that is tough as nails, which will keep the antenna looking beautiful for years to come.


The stands are strong, rugged and balanced. May systems have the coils and antennas attached at one end, which means they’re top heavy and have a risk of falling over. Our design supports the coil/antenna structure near the center of balance so this helps to maintain stability.

The uprights are made of high quality furniture grade tubing and are adjustable with a single clevis pin adjustment.

The platforms are now thicker and a bit larger for more stability and they’re heavier to prevent rocking or tipping.


The entire system can be assembled in about 10 minutes with a second person holding the antennas while they are clamped down. The assembly video towards the top of this page shows how easy it is to setup.


If you want to isolate the MWO from your wall power, you want to be able to run it at events without wall power on a battery or you are overseas with 220v 50hz, you can still use the MWO. The inverter must be a PURE SINE INVERTER. No modified sine waves are acceptable. The minimum continuous rating is recommended to be 600 watts with 1200 watts peak. And we recommend that you do not run anything else on the inverter at the same time as the MWO. A video is at the top of the page showing how easy it is to run the MWO on a battery.


Coming soon… Attendees at the 2019 Energy Science & Technology Conference will have the first change to place an order of the next batch of 20 units so this is a very limited opportunity. There will also be a significant price increase very soon.

More to come…


    This is a Lakhovsky Multiwave Oscillator (MWO) and is sold only as a research and test devise. No claims are given and the user assumes full responsibility for how they use it. There are no other purposes or applications for this device that are claimed or implied in any manner whatsoever. By purchasing this device, you are agreeing to a no-refund policy.


    Although we have a NO REFUND policy for these units, we are offering a 1 year guarantee!

    If your unit has any problems within one year from the time you receive it, just send it back to us and if we can’t fix it, we will send you a new replacement unit.

  • MADE IN U.S.A.

    Our new Lakhovsky Multiwave Oscillators (MWO) are professionally manufactured and assembled right here in Spokane, Washington, USA. The quality and workmanship is guaranteed.

    Yes, we understand that other countries manufacture fine quality products too, but we’re choosing to support a local company that is right here in Spokane, Washington, which employees people right here.


    220 Volt 50 Hz compatible with our Pure Sine Inverter – run it on a battery bank or 12v DC power Supply.


We are currently only taking orders for 20 units, which will be fulfilled between the end of September and end of December 2019. Those who order first will receive their units earlier. 10 of these units will be available at a discounted rate for those who are attending the 2019 Energy Science & Technology Conference.

To purchase a Vril Science Lakhovsky Multiwave Oscillator (MWO), send us an email on the contact us page for a quote. Include your name, phone number and shipping address. Go here:

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